I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

Paul A Vixie

> [...] I'd suggest including (in no particular order) the following:
> Address Operations Area Example Usage
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> hostmaster Network Operations DNS issues
> security Network Operations System security or hacking
> www Customer Support Same as webmaster
> listowner Customer Support Mailing list administrator
> routing Network Operations Network routing issues
> nic Network Operations Same as noc
> news Customer Support Same as usenet
> help Customer Support Same as support

hostmaster was done in the -01 draft, sent shortly ago. security seems
reasonable but is this current practice anywhere you know of? www and
news are current practice, i'll add those but note that these are used
for internal errors in those services and may point to different folks
than the ones for external queries.

  don't know if security is a standard alias anywhere else but mci uses it
extensively. it would seem a *good* practice for everyone to use that

listowner is new to me. i've seen listserv. i think this is slippery
enough to warrant a blanket "use *-REQUEST or POSTMASTER" which is what
-01 says. comments on this are welcome.

  i've seen list owner a quite a few provider type domains. at least
in places where someone runs a bunch of lists from majordomo. actually
i guess i've seen it aliased to majordomo, or synonamous with.