I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

On Thu, 2 May 1996, J.D. Falk lists some other typical aliases:

     Address Operations Area Example Usage
     hostmaster Network Operations DNS issues
     security Network Operations System security or hacking
     www Customer Support Same as webmaster
     listowner Customer Support Mailing list administrator
     routing Network Operations Network routing issues
     nic Network Operations Same as noc
     news Customer Support Same as usenet
     help Customer Support Same as support

Here are a couple more in a similar vein:
      info Customer Support automated response
      sales Customer Support directed to sales dept.
      ftp-admin Customer Support FTP administrator

Hmm, it'd be cool if there was an automated mailbot for publishing
NOC contact information, too -- something like "noc-info"?


     ftp-admin Customer Support FTP administrator

Why not just `ftp'?

The mailing list admin might reasonably be `listmaster'.

It would be best to choose something other than postmaster as the example
in the case-sensitivity section, because postmaster is unlike all other
addresses in that it is already required to be case-insensitive. It's
probably also a good idea to recommend that the canonical form be lowercase.

Same reason that www and webmaster are often separate entities. Since
most FTP-related software runs as 'ftp', errors, etc. are usually sent
there, whereas ftp-admin is widely used to reach the (human) FTP archive

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