Hurricane Michael: Communications restoration status

39 deaths in the US, at least 15 deaths in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador

After 12 days, most wireless service is restored in Florida. It took over 6 months to restore wireless service across Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands.

Today, Oct 22 2018, Verizon Wireless reported wireless services has been restored throughout the area.

AT&T Wireless reports 99.9% wireless service restoration.

T-Mobile reports service restored or temporary solutions in place.

FCC Status Reporting

Cellular service:
Bay County: 103 cell sites out of service (29.7%)
Gadsden County: 12 cell sites out of service (19.4%)
Gulf County: 6 cell sites out of service (26.1%)

55,006 wireline and cable customers are reported out of service.

1 TV, 7 FM and 2 AM broadcasters reported out of service.

Thank you for sharing this.

Very sad indeed to hear about 6 months delays in restoring for PR.

It helps to have a largely intact power grid, and a state government that doesn’t squander maintenance dollars on graft and corruption.


Florida county power status

Bay County - 25,167 custoemrs out of service (21%)
Calhoun County - 4,897 customers out of service (71%)
Jackson County - 14,953 customers out of service (62%)
Gulf County - 2,873 customers out of service (26%)

"In the year since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, killing nearly 70 percent more people than Katrina, the GOP-led House has yet to create a select committee to oversee the Trump administration’s recovery efforts. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which oversees FEMA, has held just two hearings related to the storm. Neither the House nor the Senate have issued any major reports, and none appear to be in the works."
2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Impact on Communications Report and Recommendations
Public Safety Docket No. 17-344

25. Wireless telecommunications service. At its worst, 95.6 percent of the cell sites were out of service in Puerto Rico, and 76.6 percent of the cell sites were out of service in the USVI. Forty-eight out of 78 municipios in Puerto Rico had 100 percent of their cell sites out of service. Wireless service was restored gradually over a six-month period, considerably longer than for any other storm. After six months, 4 percent of cells sites remained out of service (i.e., completely inoperable) in Puerto Rico and 12percent continued to be out of service in the USVI -- outages more typical of a few days after, not many
months after, a significant hurricane.