Hurricane Electric Tunnelbroker staff?

Hi folks,

I am seeing an IPv6-connected host on my network (which is on a tunnel) apparently being portscanned by an HE server at 2001:470:0:64::2 for about the last hour or so. It is trying to hit several different ports four times each before moving on and eventually repeating itself.

If anyone from HE can shed some light on what's going on here it would be greatly appreciated, I can provide the IP of the host in question off-list if needed.

-- Ben

Thank you to everyone who responded on and off-list, we've got this resolved.

-- Ben

Can I ask why you count a port scan at something bad?
Or is it just the length of time it has been running for and it re-running
the same scan repetitively?

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I actually have no idea what the resolution was. All I know is that when I checked again a few hours later, the traffic had stopped, which, to be honest, is good enough for me.

-- Ben

Be aware.. There have been reports of bacon zombies port scanning lately.