Hung Telnet Sessions on Sco Unix

Am running an application on Sco Unix but am having the following problem.

Application is hunging sporadically.

Am accessing the application via telnet.Have changed the link thinking that this could be the problem but to no avail.

Have increased keep alives on the routers and increased capacity on them.
service tcp-keepalives-in and out.But this has not sorted the problem out.

Any thing that i need to be looking at or am missing


I don't think this is the appropriate list for asking a question about a problem with telnet to a sco box. I don't understand why you think "service tcp-keepalives-in/out" has any effect on traffic to and from a host to a SCO box. This command is for traffic to and from the router itself.

Look for errors on the link, double check all routing, in both directions, check masks, gateways, things like that. Fiddling with knobs on the router is likely not the fix, especially the ones you are messing with.


I'm not sure why anyone is running SCO Unix. Call their technical support, enjoy the crickets.


That seems consistent with my memory of SCO Unix.

Did you remember to get the licence for the TCP/IP stack?

As well as the "don't sue me because I want to stop using them" license?

Ask Autozone about that one :slight_smile:

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Me too, but I don't think this is the right list for it.


Are your telnet sessions running through a firewall-like device?
If so, perhaps the firewall tables are timing out the session after
a long enough period of activity?