Humor (was Airplane crashing into Atlanta-NAP)

From: Avi Freedman <>
Could we stop this, please?

Actually, I enjoyed the recent humor!

Either Netrail's NAP will be useful or it won't be.
It'll be useful as a local exchange if local providers go.
It'll be useful as a place to sell transit of transit providers go.

But as to the rest of the thread, yes, it's pretty well exhausted.
Except, I hope that the locals will join together and make this MIX/NAP
work, or if it is overpriced or otherwise problematic, join together to
make _something_ work....

It'll be useful as a place to offload huge chunks of Internet traffic
between larger providers only if they go, which they don't seem to
be interested in yet.

Jointly buy _transit_ service in a bigger pipe, and specify that you
will only buy it at the NAP :wink:

> ...
> If anyone is interested in setting up an alternative Atlanta NAP, I have
> a very spacious first-floor apartment which I am more than happy to
> volunteer to the effort. It's even somewhat sunk below ground level, and
> I think my neighbors wouldn't mind the occassional running of a generator.
> I've already got 10MB/s, which puts the Northside-Circle-NAP on par with
> MAE-NY, right?
> ...
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