Hulu Proxy Blocking our IP's

Hey all,

We are a residential and business ISP. We don’t host any servers or lease our IP space to anyone but ourselves.

Yesterday we had customers report Hulu was blocking their streaming with a proxy error. Customer contacted Hulu who blamed us. I emailed the hulu email yesterday morning and haven’t heard a thing back.

Can someone help get this resolved for us?

Thank you

Darin - If you are able to make progress on this, please share back to the list. We’ve recently been getting sporadic complaints of same. I did speak to a support agent at hulu who advised they utilize google’s geo database, but haven’t been able to get beyond that.


Hulu is already on this list:


I emailed the correct email address already and got it off that site yesterday morning as stated. No response yet.

Hulu:, also see Digital Envoy above

It shouldn’t be a geolocation issue. It gives a proxy error on IP’s that worked fine for years.

I’ll try that too though.

I’m familiar with that experience and response.

They emailed back now and said there was a problem on their end yesterday which has now been resolved.

They also said that none of our IP’s fell under their block/proxy list.

It might be a blanket error for VPN/proxy/geolocation. Keep in mind that error is consumer facing.

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