Hulu-Disney IP Problems

Came to my attention that most of my Data Centers in the US are having problems using Hulu, Disney+ and not as much but also Netflix.

What criteria do these providers use to make sure that the IPs are legit and not proxys/VPNs
All the IPs I checked on number of GEO sites are registered to an address in the US.
Now I do get different answers on some of the blocks where that address registered to the actual Data Center address and other GEO services provides show the corporate billing address.
Some example IPs are: (Spokane WA) (Bethlehem PA)

Disney+ was kind enough to whitelist some subnets, but I would like to fix my problem vs manually whitelist them.

I know registering the blocks to the proper address is important and that is already being address but what else am I missing? Why do the content providers thinks were a proxy?

Thank you in advance for all assistance.


If I were to take a guess, maybe some of your customers were running proxies/vpns and the content provider decided (correctly or incorrectly) that any IP owned by Tierpoint wasn’t likely to be a content consumer and then blacklisted your subnet/s. Also, I think Hulu/Disney+ don’t run their own CDNs so they might be using some other providers logic to make these determinations. Just a guess. I’d be really interested in knowing if you found out something more detailed.


Thanks Dan, well keep you updated.

The problem here is I don't own a big block and I assign out of that to other data centers where it's easy for people to block all my data centers.
Thru acquisitions, I have inherited a bunch of medium size blocks all over the spectrum. So it would be really hard to find all of them to blacklist the entire company ranges.
I have tried about two dozen different subnets all over the US

Thank you