Huge Level 3 ipv4 issues?

Experiencing packetloss all over the place (chicago, tampa, atlanta) on
Level 3's network; can't even reach them from Brighthouse residential.
IPv6 seems to still be working fine, but of course Brighthouse doesn't
offer that lol.

Anyone seeing the same?


There’s another thread about this, titled: "AS4788 Telecom Malaysia major route leak?"

Marty Strong

Hai David,

seeing issues across GX in the UK as well...

Seeing the same on brighthouse in Indianapolis to most of level 3 (so a lot
of the internet it seems, only on mobile phone via WiFi atm so haven't
looked much into it). Using level3 DNS here totally failed about an hour
ago, switched resolvers and I can now resolve things but still no luck with
l3 destined traffic

Hi David,

yes. We are connected to Level3 pop in Milan and we are experiencing the
same kind of issues with IPv4. IPv6 seems to be working fine.