Hubs on a NIC (was:Re: what about 48 bits?)

When I had the need to wire a building around 1987, I opted for the
multiport 10Base5 repeaters that DEC made -- they were called DELUAs,
I think. I'd had quite enough of distributed single points of failure,
thank you.

Think those were something else;

DEMPR = Digital Ethernet Multi Port Repeater
DELNI = Digital Ethernet Local Network Interconnect ("hub")

Threw some away a few years ago.

Hey, I had that in my house on my 100BaseT network, till I upgraded
to gigE and had to give in and buy another switch. (Sigh -- home
network configurations of NANOGers. I'm contemplating putting in
VLANs now...)

VLAN's == fun

... JG