I am having a problem witha DS3 that terminates into a
Adtran CSU (T3SU-300) and then into a 7200 with HSSI.
I can not ping with a 0000 data pattern and I
experience packet loss and errors when I pass TCP

Adtran recommended an attenuator.

What is the issue here? Is the signalling incompatible
with a PA-T3+. Should I be wasting my time with an
external CSU?


Last time I looked, PA-T3+ were even MORE fussy about the need
for attenuation than the non-"plus" variants (of the "never actually
work with a BT DS-3 delivered as standard" sort of fussy). So yes
you are probably wasting your time with an external CSU, but you
are also quite likely to need attenuators anyway.


To all,

I tried the attenuator and they failed to provide any