HP Openview Slowness.

This is _freeware_ snmpstatd written originally by Vadim Antonov
(avg@kotovnik.com), and published (with the Sprint's permission) on the
Sprint ftp server.

I'v modified it, add WWW interface, operator's log, different WWW
reports and graphs, data base describing the channels and routers.

It monitor - routers, links, BGP connections (and there is additional
tool monitored cisco access servers with the modem pools and compatible
with the first one interface); play music in case of important event (by
MIDI), allow operator to open object, read the card describing it, send
e-mail to the owner, investigate the problem and change the status
(something like _ERROR -> ERROR at TELCO, investigations are keep on).

The main disadvantage is that I can't draw map's (and have not good idea
how to do it, yet, through there is some drafts about it). But it works
fine and allow us to generate configuration from the data base (if we add
new link to the data base, it's added to the monitor authomatically), etc

The other disadvantage is that all menu was written on RUSSION (it can be
changed, through). And the documentation is not in the xecellent form yet.

This tool is used by KIAE TECHNICAL center to monitor:

RELCOM IP network
RELARN IP network
RELARN ATM SWITCH network (with some part of mgrt)
RBNET IP network
Internal KIAE switched network;
RELCOM switches;

and by a few of other ISP here in Russia.


I did some web searches and an FTP search for snmpstatd, with no useful
results - just a page referring me to your setup (password-protected)
and an ISI report which credits it. I also found Vadim Antonov's home
page, but there's no reference to it there either. ftp.sprintlink.net
doesn't exist anymore. Do you know where one can find snmpstatd


"Alex P. Rudnev" wrote:

I do not know how it's about Sprintlink now; it was published there
(ftp.sprintlink.net) about 3 - 56 years ago. You can ask Vadim

You can found modified 'snmpstatd' and WWW interface for it at


It's where you can get it just now. It's _shareware_ (you can use,
install, try etc; write me please if it appear to be usefull or if you
need some support). The issues about an old code incorporated into
'snmpstatd' and written by V. Antonov you can ask Vadim directly

Through I wonder how sometimes this _simple_ systems (about 10 - 30,000
lines of code) can be used instead of huge and very expansive systems
(another example - CISCO configurations from WWW and the samples).