How to xconnect in 111 8th NYC


We are trying to connect our carrier in 111 8th NYC. Our carrier is located in Zayo space and we are located in Telx space.
We already have our panel to Telx MMR and have a bunch of position available.

Our carrier seems to be unable to connect from Zayo MMR to Telx MMR and it seems to be very complicated to both Telx and Zayo to give a real answer.

The last time we had to do it, it was half xconnect to the MMR ( telx ) and the other part was Zayo to our carrier.
Now, the carrier have to connect to us ( xconnect included in the price) but ZAYO claims more $$$ ( about twice the price of the other way ) and this is exactly the same path !!!

So how does it work really in this building ? Honestly, telx and Zayo are doing this for year and each time it's like they are discovering the wheel ( not sure if this expression exist in English).

Raphael Maunier
Neo Telecoms