How to update IPv6 geolocation data? Google sites blocked.

Hello, and Season's Greetings!

We recently lit up a new IPv6-connected location and expanded our
ARIN-allocated /48 network to a /44 network to accommodate the additional
location (and future locations).

However, since moving our small satellite office off our primary /48 and
onto their own /48 as part of our /44 network, the users at that office are
receiving messages from e.g. YouTube that the "user has not made this
content available in your country".

How does one go about updating this v6 geolocation data? This is impacting
a bunch of our users.



Using a smart phone on the wifi at that office (obviously, the WIFI network has to be providing IPv6, or bridged to a network providing IPv6), go to in a web browser (not the google app), and click near the bottom of the page "Use precise location". AFAIK, that provides to GOOG your GPS coordinates. It still might take a week for them to update everything.