how to report spam to Yahoo!

Yahoo!'s abuse contact from whois:


now sends an autoresponse that tells you to go to a web form to report

but the link doesn't work--it just redirects to a generic Yahoo! help
page at:

So how does a non-Yahoo! account holder report spam originating from
Yahoo!'s network?

----- Forwarded message from Yahoo! Network <> -----

Have you tried ?

They accept ARF and X-ARF reports, or anything with the complete
message headers (or logs) in it will work in a pinch.

Plain-text, no attachments, etc. Don't expect anything more than an
autoreply, but all complaints do get processed.

The Yahoo form hasn't worked for a while. When you do get to somewhere for reporting spam, a few hours or days later you'll get a response telling you to submit a report on the exact same form you used. If you do you end up with the same response. Repeat ad infinitum. Same goes for their grey-listing/rate limiting report message. I've given up trying to report anything e-mail related to Yahoo, mostly just apologise to end users and suggest they use another e-mail provider.


I used to use this form semi regularly. It's behavior has changed in
the last couple of months, after i'd finally gotten over the whole 'why
can't I just forward them the email' thing and gotten used to copying
and pasting the header and the body (seperately) into different fields
on their webform.

I'm disgusted that Yahoo (a regular source of spam) no longer readily
offer the means to report the abusers (or abused accounts) in their midst.

This while they apply some of the most over-the-top and disproportionate
justifications to categorise inbound mail as spam (to their customers
detriment, and also their correspondents, who have no idea why they're
being categorised that way).

If anyone knows what Yahoo's intentions are in this space, i'd love to
hear about it.


There's good reason to think that even Yahoo doesn't know what its intentions are.

Yahoo has long been using Ling Chion themselves, a death by 1000 cuts.

(Condolences to all my .net friends who still get paychecks from Yahoo.)