How to get help from your ISP for security problems

I'm used to the fingerpointing, but I was amazed when I met a lot of security researchers which didn't seem to know about all the different
things ISPs are doing to help customers avoid having their computers compromised by intrusions and repairing their computers afterwards.

So I started putting together a web page of paid and free ISP security support links. If you are a national or large regional ISP in the US,
send me your link and I'll add it.


Note: I haven't said how to get help from some other ISP.

Sean, great idea! May we point to your page from the Internet Storm Center?
We've got an external links page at that I'd
like to put it on.


I've found that, with some notable exceptions, many academics who've evinced an interest in the networking security space seem to be quite incapable of making use of the various excellent search engines available to a) determine the current state of the art and b) check for prior art when proposing 'solutions' to various problems.

Ok, uncle. I've heard from many professional services security
groups. I was focused on consumer security, but I added a separate section for ISP professional services security pages. Like the consumer
section, I'm limiting it ISPs that provide both network and security support at the customer's location.

If possible, I prefer to keep the focus on consumer Internet security support and help sites rather than professional services marketing pages.

But I'd also like people to see the wide variety of help ISPs make
available. And to give some ammunition to security folks inside ISPs
for you to show the people that make your web pages what other ISPs are doing. Some ISPs are doing a great job, other ISPs are pretty lame.