How to catch a cracker in the US?

I'm an ISP in Germany and a cracker (not a hacker :slight_smile: ) has targeted a
customers of mine in the last days. The cracker was successful and caused
financial damage / was successful with data theft. I set a trap and finally
caught his real IP address - a Comcast user in the US (100% not a proxy or
bot). What would be the next steps to pursuit him? If I contact local
authorities here in Germany I'm afraid months will pass by and Comcast will
have possible already deleted their logs by then (?). Any advice?

Marcus, if you have not already connected with them, ping me offlist and I will try to connect you with our FBI cybercrime contact. A preservation letter from them to Comcast, to start, will likely be far more effective than one from you.

I'm sorry for not responding sooner; I only just saw this as I'm on digest here.


Anne P. Mitchell,
Attorney at Law
Institute for Social Internet Public Policy
Member, Cal. Bar Cyberspace Law Committee
Author: Section 6 of the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003