How to build an IPv6-only internal network?

Hypothetically, I want to build an internal network that runs just IPv6 and
apply stateless ACLs at redundant external connections.

How do users access the current v4 address space?

There are two short answers:

(1) they don't
(2) they use NAT64 (RFC 6146/6147) translation
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With NAT64, a translator advertises a 96 bit prefix into the IPv6-only network as defined in RFC 6052, and attracts traffic destined to an address within it (which has an IPv4 address jammed into the last 32 bits) to the translator. The DNS translator, when asked for a AAAA record, either has one or doesn't; if it doesn't have one, it concocts a AAAA record from said prefix and the IPv4 address and returns that. The translator extracts the IPv4 address from the destination address, and does a stateful mapping of the IPv6 source address similar to present NAT44 solutions.

There are several products on the market.

Over the years, I’ve had pretty good success with the IVI package.

RFC 6219 lays out how it works and some folks experiences with v6-only networks.

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