How to achieve application reliability

Finally, a problem I can agree with. Netscape's browser did some interesting
things for application reliability when accessing But for
other web sites it seems to be one strike and you're out. Other browsers
followed their lead. Actually, I think Mosiac was first, so the programmer
meme was already formed. The original CERN web browser did try alternate A
records. The CERN browser had a problem handling interrupts when the user
got tired of waiting, so the Mosaic "error-recovery" method of the user
clicking on refresh until it finally worked seemed like an improvement.

The law of unintended consequences?

The application programmers will say its the networks fault. The network
engineers will say its the applications fault. And the user says a pox
on all your houses.

You got it! It's those darn application programmers! :slight_smile: Realistically it
would make sense for browsers to try alternate DNS info, but I guess
there's no crying over spilt milk.