How slow can the internet/it's servers be.

NOTE: The following is not a rant, but is purely for humor

  In a world record for slowness of something, I got
confirmation today that my PGP key had been added to the
InterNIC's key ring. Thinking it had been a while since I
submitted the request, I went back and looked at my E-mail.
I submitted the add request on October 17, 1998.

  So, never fear, ye you think your request has been
black holed by the InterNIC machine. You too will get your
request back, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some
day in the far, far, far distant future.

  As a network and server admin I _really_ want to know
how you cause something to get held up for three months.
I've made some major configuration blunders and the best I've
been able to do is a couple of days. They have some tallented
people over there.

Nothing strange. SOme day all noc members of Relcom have received a lot
of one-year-old mail.

The reason appeared to be simple - there was one PC-based (BSDI) router,
and some mail list was forwarded to it.
There was .forward files but
sendmail never run through mqueue queue. One day some wise sysadmin found
this filled mail queue and run sendmail manually.

My record was _2 years old messages_ -:).