How many ISPs are out there?

how many active ASN's are there?

how many active ASN's are there?

and minus the other multihoming networks...

Hmmm, and looking at the list of ASNs it's pretty hard to work out which are ISPs and which are not.

And then what about those ISPs who don't have an ASN...


I would hazard a guess that numerically, far less than half of the ISPs
have ASNs. We only got ours a few months ago, and out of curiousity, I
pulled out the local Yellow Pages and started doing whois's on ASNs. I
found that only one other ISP (much larger) based out of Bucks County, PA,
appeared to have an ASN (out of approx a dozen total).

I'd guess that about a third of the ISPs are multihomed, and less than a
third of those have an ASN.

James Smallacombe PlantageNet, Inc. CEO and Janitor

I would have to agree with James that ASN probably isn't a good
indicator. We waited nearly three years before getting an ASN (about 2
years too long actually...). When we did multihome it was for
reliability as our single provider was proving to be dangerous to our

I gave up on trying to keep Boardwatch up to date a long time ago. Once
they completely wrecked the usefulness of the listings by returning
59,303 virtual and national ISP's to any request for a local ISP there
didn't seem to be much point...

Mark Radabaugh
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