How do you stop outgoing spam?

Susan, why do your rules not apply to Jane? I realize she's a larger-than-life figure here, but enough is enough. I won my bet with my boss that she would violate AUP at least five (5) times and not get removed from the list.

Please read the NANOG FAQ at If there are further hypocrisies on your part, I'll have to ask Brad Knowles for an AOL account to post from.


Please do not post personal messages on the NANOG mailing list,
focuses on Internet engineering and operations issues. In my la
st message
to you I pointed to our AUP:

If there are further AUP violations on your part, we'll need to
your posting privileges from the list.

Susan Harris, Ph.D.
Merit Network/Univ. of Mich.

"Marshall Eubanks" wrote:
> When I am at a cafe I use a web based encrypted email progr

am, and

> if I email a large attachment (say a pdf file), then it goe

s http

> outbound.

When I am at a cafe, I eat, drink, and sometimes converse wit

h others.

> Again, when I go to a cafe in another city, I am generally


> to get some work done

Again, when I go to a cafe in another city, I am generally th

ere to eat, drink, converse, and soak in the local sights.

I might be in Burbank next week on business. We should meet

up then. Think you could get me tickets and a VIP backstage tour at the Tonight Show? I'd like to meet with NBC execs and weigh the pros and cons of multicasting your band's performance in PIM Dense vs. Sparse mode. You're a great musician BTW. Tell Jay I said hi.

Sal Sabella

Get your free encrypted email at

Get your free encrypted email at