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Hey All,

Does anyone have a good contact number for the Hotmail NOC? We’ve got e-mails from Hotmail to some of our customers being returned the Hotmail sender with a 554 error message fairly regularly. Our logs aren’t showing any rejections, so we need to talk to Hotmail and find out what the 554 means on their side (there’s no error description). Any help is greatly appreciated.



Is it hotmail users sending your users emails that are being rejected, or is it your users sending hotmail emails that end up rejected?


Hi Raymond,

It’s addresses sending to our users. The senders get a 554 error from Hotmail with no description. Our logs on our side are clean, so its a bit of a blackbox. We need some insight from Hotmail’s side. Thank you also for the link.


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I’ve seen similar things when hotmail users are sending emails to some of our users but it bounces back to them within their network. Generally it was DNS related. After having about 3 correspondences with them they end up fixing it. From what I remember they were sending to the A record and not the MX record.


Easier if you paste a sample bounce

And check if you have some kind of smtp capable firewall device (like
a barracuda) or maybe an outsourced filtering provider that's
filtering this lot before it reaches your mailserver.