Hosting NANOG - your chance for fame and fortune

Greetings NANOG fans - Merit is looking for an organization to host the
winter NANOG meeting, sometime in Feb. '03.

The host's main responsibilities would be to provide:

   * Connectivity to the conference site (at least 10M bps)
   * ~12 workstations for the terminal room
   * Staff to help with local logistics (locating a hotel) and
     conference setup (wire the terminal room and main meeting room)

All hotel costs (catering, A/V, cookies, etc.) are covered by NANOG
registration fees. Merit supplies hubs and switches and sets up the
wireless network.

Benefits of hosting include:

   * Your company name forever emblazened on the official NANOG t-shirt
   * Lifetime, official membership in NANOG
   * Fame and riches

You'll find more info here:

Please send email to if you're interested in
hosting a future meeting. Thanks!