@HOME problems

We have a T1 from @home and I've been getting about 75% packet loss on it
for the last couple weeks. We've got a ticket in, but nobody seems to
know what the heck is going on. Best I can tell is all my traffic gets to
MAE-WEST with only 1% - 2% loss, and then starts timing out. Of course,
anything within the @home network is just as quick as usual.

Nick Bastin
System Administrator - World Trade Internet Communications

There's been about 12-15% packet loss between the NASA/Ames
  side and MFS's giga1 for a while now. That may be related.

I've had a ticket open on this issue for months now, the original issue
was that DEC's load balancing code did not work correctly and therefore
one of the 4 OC3's was being over loaded. The new solution MFS has given
me is that they are installing yet MORE trunks between MFS and AMES which
while I'm not sure how that fixes the issue, MFS is telling me it will :wink:


To clear up what was apparently a serious misunderstanding, I meant to
state that my packet loss seems to be a problem at MAE-WEST and not a
problem with the @home network. I've had a great experience with @home as
far as quality of connectivity and tech support, and would suggest them to
anyone else (and frequently do). Apologies to anyone who interpreted my
post as a flame on @home.

Nick Bastin
System Administrator - World Trade Internet Communications