@Home ordered to shutdown at Midnight

Judge Thomas Carlson ordered Excite@Home to shutdown as of
Midnight Eastern time, tonight Friday November 30 2001.

Bondholders are free to negotiate a better offer before
the shutdown, if they can, to maintain the service.

Upside: that should cut down the size of the some of the botnets :slight_smile:


In other news, I just got (09:20 PST in Sunnyvale California) an automated
computerized call from AT&T telling me that my cable internet service is
down and that they are working at getting an alternate source of IP
connectivity (some time next week)
They promised for two days of credit for each day I am down (like I really
care about the $10 or so it is going to save me, but it's better than PB
which only offered me 1 day for each day I was down)

I guess this is the reason why I also have 3 DSL lines :slight_smile: