Hold on to your news servers


Don't you people have anything better to do than to piss and moan about
Karl on NANOG? This is NOT an issue that relates to NANOG. Take it to
i.dont.give.a.damn.usenet.admin.anarchy and give it a rest here!

I think there needs to be a different approach here. First and foremost the
groups have been violated by crossposters who have run the gauntlet of fraud,
sex and other hocus pocus.

What would really be nice is the return of the traditional subject matter that
group were approved under.

Restoring the tradition of Usenet and how it was basically used is the best
solution and it will take a disciplined effort on all parts, is it realistic
to ask
this, I can't answer that question because I simply do not know.

But anger and ego trips and power trips bring forth resistance and defeat
the very purpose of good intent.

Henry R. Linneweh

John Fraizer wrote: