Is it just me or..

I just received 2 "Welcome to nanog" messages and then this...a bounce..
Is someone playing with us?

I just got a whole bunch more too. nanog being subscibed to different
mailing lists.

Someone *is* playing with us.

Tim Harrison
Superior Internetworking

Lets get im!!!!

Really, Marilyn Monroe is relevant to North America's networks.


Would love to.

Tim Harrison
Superior Internetworking

I would think so ... those nanog subscribe messages looked as if someone
tried to subscribe nanog to nanog.

Goofy. :slight_smile:

Someone from is faking subscribe requests
and mail to the list, as shown clearly in the subscription and the
forgery. They are almost certainly behind the other items as well. If
you dislike this, contact

Please let's not have a huge thread of "me too!"s.


Time to contact the mail server admin of the mailing list nanog has been
subscribed to, and see if someone can track the sucker.


I just received about half A dozen very pathetic responses for my showing what

an internet user thinks when he/she receives spam mail. It was an example, and

while my career spans 20 years since the days of arpanet at Nasa Ames. I
did not expect such A childish and disrespectful response!

Henry R. Linneweh
Network Applications Engineer

James D. Butt wrote:

Someone's forge-subscribing the list to other lists, or at least it
looks that way.

I just got a whole bunch more too. nanog being subscibed to different
mailing lists.

Someone *is* playing with us.

One likely explanation is that a spammer is reading nanog and is
showing his/her/its displeasure with the anti-spam tone on this list

This sort of revenge is very common among spammers, in my first-hand
experience. Block a spammer from your site and shortly thereafter
various malicious things begin happening with disturbing frequency.

That's one of the big problems with spam. Perhaps most of you remember
when, quite correctly IMHO, women's* groups pointed out that rape is
not a sexual thing but, rather, a power thing?

Well, allow me to point out that, analogously, spam is not a
commercial thing...

* yes we should all know by now that rape is not, in absolute terms,
gender-specific, but nonetheless it was women's groups who were
associated with first making this point even if it doesn't strictly
apply only to women.