Historical traceroute logging

Does anyone know of any tools that can do repeated traceroutes over time to a remote IP and log the results for later viewing/comparison? I'd like to do a traceroute several times a day and store the details in CVS or somewhere accessible down the road. Alerting to major path changes would be nice but not critical. The ability to compare traceroute output down the road would also be nice but also not critical. I'm more interested in the path than the individual hops' RTTs.

What's prompting this is a major change in RTTs for several hours yesterday to an ITSP with a site in the south. We share a common upstream (L3) and have in the past always transited that provider to get to each other. I showed a route change for the specific /23 in question in my border routers' RIBs. The adjacent /23 originating from the same ITSP but in a different part of the country did not change (and neither did RTTs to the hosts we monitor in that /23). The site claimed nothing changed on their end and that they know of no changes upstream. BGP Play shows a route change from Level3 to Internap during the time in question (thought the times don't line up exactly) which most likely caused the more than double RTTs we were seeing. My Cacti Advanced Ping graphs caught the problem in all its glory. Nagios alerted me to the high RTT times as well. What I didn't get during that period of time was a traceroute to the site in question.

I'd like to run a traceroute several times a day and find some way to store the output and work with it later if needed. I'd prefer OSS but commercial apps would be considered too. I'm sure I'm not the first to have a need to check traceroutes like that. How do the rest of you handle it?


Justin Shore wrote:

Does anyone know of any tools that can do repeated traceroutes over time
to a remote IP and log the results for later viewing/comparison?

RIPE TTM @ http://www.ripe.net/ttm/


Hello Jeroen.

I very much like Ping Plotter. http://www.pingplotter.com/


    John Souvestre - New Orleans LA

We've used Ping Plotter before as well. Some shortcomings, but works well
for what it's supposed to do.

Hello Justin,

I would like to recommend the web service
http://www.wipmania.com/en/tools/for your needs.
There are traceroutes and pings from multiple points around the world. The
trace results also display the AS path, visual distance and the slow
Periodical checking will be available soon. At the moment, it can be made
with own bash-script and permanent link to results.

Regards, Alex

Smokeping has SmokeTrace


New in Version 2.4 (The SmokeTrace edition)
SmokeTrace: An Ajax Traceroute tool. Try the demo. SmokeTrace is written in javascript, using the qooxdoo framework, which is responsible for all the cross browser glory.

This may be what you are looking for.

Christian Liendo
New York Times Digital