Hirschmann Switches?

I'm looking for feedback from users of the Hirschmann (Belden)
ethernet switches in a service provider environment. Private or
public appreciated.

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall

We have a good experience with Hirschmann (now Belden) industrial
switches, OpenRail RS30 and Modular MICE series. They had some pretty
funny software bugs with older software versions. We are using them in
MAN ring networks with heavy multicast traffic.


Used a MACH4002 as multicast router at 25C3 (among many other locations in the conference/building network as pure L2 devices). Worked flawlessly.

  -- Niels.

* cbredi@bofhserver.net (Cristian Bradiceanu) [Tue 06 Jan 2009, 16:27 CET]:

If an Industrial Ethernet switch is required it may be productive to
look at Ruggedcom products. Ruggedcom has a published upper operating
range of +85 C, which we have deployed in outside non-HVAC enclosures in
environments where the outside ambient temperature can reach +49 to +55
C for extended periods. The L2 software is reliable, supporting rapid
spanning tree, and IGMP snooping, among other features. Short and Long
range SFP optics (up to 80 Km) are available that are also spec'd out at
+85 C operating range.