hijacked block - [20030512-240-UPDATE]

If anyone else has information on 157.156/16, please submit it following
the instructions below.

Ticket #: 20030512-240
Status: Ticket Created

Thank you for your message. A ticket has been opened with the tracking
number listed below. We may not be able to respond to each message received,
however we will analyze and take appropriate action if there is a violation
of our Acceptable Use Guidelines by an MFN customer.
   Always address abuse issues only to "abuse@mfn.com".
   For future abuse concerns, we request the following:
   General UCE - Spam complaint
    - Copy of the original email with full headers intact
    - A traceroute would be beneficial
    - Do not include any WHOIS information
    - Please do not alter the subject line
    - Please do not include comments, personal feelings and quotes
   Hacking / Probing / Scanning
    - Text Log of intrusion including date, time, time zone, IP address
(source and destination), port number
    - Logs should be within 48 hours of the incident
    - Brief description of intrusion
    - Our system will not accept attachments or MIME encoded documents
   Threats / Harassment
    - Contact your local authorities first with the following information:
        1. Log of data including date, time, time zone, IP address
        2. Brief but factual description of the incident
        3. Any factual documentation such as exact email received or
url of the post.
   Illegal material
    - Examples include:
        1. Child Pornography
        2. Phish Sites - credit card - personal information scams
        3. Copyright or Trademark Infringement
        4. Sites containing Trojan or Dialer Programs
    - Please include the exact URL or IP address of the site
    - Do not include WHOIS information
   Copyright Infringement - Trademark Issues
    - Complaints must be in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright
Act (DMCA) and should include:
        1. Exact URL(s) of the violating material
        2. Statement of good faith belief
        3. Declaration or perjury statement
   By supplying the information requested above, you can help increase
the speed and efficiency by which issues are handled. Reports older than
3 days may not be investigated.
   Thank you in advance for your assistance,
   Policy Enforcement Division
   Metromedia Fiber Network


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