high latency on West Coast?

L3 fiber cut .

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Is this related to the wave of deliberate fiber cuts on the West Coast this year?

Does anyone have an official explanation or report for this issue? We found
that latency between US-WEST-2 and US-WEST-1 jumped from 20ms to over 200ms
during a ~48 hour period, roughly between midnight Sept. 18th UTC to 1am
Sept. 20th UTC.

AWS confirmed they were working on an issue with an external provider, but
that was pretty much it.

Not that we could tell, it was a really annoying location to fix and we saw lots of traffic show up from customers that were multi-homed between us and the affected carriers (L3 and integra), likely amazon saw the same issues we did. RFO I heard was fiber cut on an island in the Columbia river.