Hey Leber - you think Melissa is going to issue that refund properly or do we need to escalate this into legal actions against HE

Pardon me, but did I miss the announcement of "Whine on NANOG day"?

Between this thread and "Network Operators Unite Against SORBS", I
assume that I must have missed the announcement while I was in the road
last week.

Maybe that's why they shut the power off in the first place... :slight_smile:

I just could not resist, sorry!

BTW, who's Leber? He/she doesn't seem to be CCed. I have more mailing lists
to suggest where he/she might be found...

I could not resist, Take II.



its sad that the list apparently has become a sounding board for these 'operators' who think others care about their plights and opinions which have nothing to do with L1/2/3 issues.

*i'm taking my ball and going home!*


I suspect "Leber" has either a first or last name that starts with "na"
or "nan" and this poor guy is the victim of auto-complete failure.

But this is NANOG, so I expect nothing but jumping to conclusions and
overreactions. Thanks for solidifying my expectations!


Leber is a corruption of the mythic deity of the IPv4 Morlocks.

  it _should_ be "Take me to your Leader"


Or more likely Leber's first name is Mike.