Help needed to validate results of topology discovery research

Hi Nanog members,

I am senior PhD student with the Oregon Network Research Group ( at the University of Oregon, and sending this email to seek your help for validating the research results for one of our network measurement projects.

We have conducted a large scale measurement study to infer the private (both physical and virtual) and public interconnections between Amazon/AWS network and all other ASes across the Internet along with their metro area where they are located. More information about this project can be found at We are interested in validating at least part of our results against ground truth. If you are managing an AS that has one or more direct peerings with any of Amazon’s networks (AS7224, AS16509, AS19047, AS14618, AS38895, AS39111, AS8987, and AS9059) and aware of their IPs and locations, it would be extremely valuable if you could validate our inferred peering between your AS and Amazon at the aggregate level (i.e. just indicating what fraction of our inferred interconnections for your network is correct). We will report this aggregate result in our study without revealing the identity of your network.

If you have any questions or need more information about this project, please feel free to contact me.

I appreciate your prompt response as we are trying to submit this study to a conference in a few weeks.

Bahador Yeganeh