Hello? This one is wierd.

Is this legal?

traceroute to www.japan.net (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 nac-nyc1-fa0-100Mb ( 1.648 ms 1.063 ms 0.765 ms
2 e9-0.border1.nyc1.genuity.net ( 1.569 ms 1.922 ms 4.960 ms
3 f6.core1.nyc1.genuity.net ( 1.606 ms 1.737 ms 2.747 ms
4 core1.wdc1.genuity.net ( 6.691 ms 8.987 ms 10.889 ms
5 h1.peer1.wdc1.genuity.net ( 8.311 ms 10.539 ms 9.257 ms
6 maeeast.acsi.net ( 8.230 ms 8.514 ms 8.878 ms
7 columb-sc-1-a12-0.acsi.net ( 20.543 ms 22.417 ms 18.487 ms
8 greenv-sc-1-a12-0.acsi.net ( 27.777 ms 27.418 ms28.025 ms
9 little-ar-1-a12-0-1.acsi.net ( 60.061 ms 54.746 ms 55.946 ms
10 fortwo-tx-1-a12-0.acsi.net ( 55.008 ms 61.942 ms 63.695 ms
11 904.Hssi4-0.GW1.HOU1.ALTER.NET ( 60.870 ms 58.826 ms 61.469 ms
12 321.atm1-0-0.cr1.hou1.alter.net ( 63.880 ms 57.682 ms 62.116 ms
13 112.ATM8-0-0.CR1.ATL1.Alter.Net ( 201.734 ms * 72.052 ms
14 311.ATM6-0-0.SR1.ATL1.Alter.Net ( 69.777 ms 71.955 ms 72.176 ms
15 h14-1.t104-0.Atlanta.t3.ans.net ( 100.501 ms * 102.249 ms
16 h13-1.t64-0.Houston.t3.ans.net ( 107.077 ms 99.397 ms 109.687 ms
17 h13-1.t80-1.St-Louis.t3.ans.net ( 98.975 ms 99.187 ms 101.531 ms
18 h11-1.t24-0.Chicago.t3.ans.net ( 115.362 ms 103.821 ms 93.777 ms
19 * h13-1.t96-0.Denver.t3.ans.net ( 125.611 ms 125.056 ms
20 f1-0.c96-10.Denver.t3.ans.net ( 123.094 ms 130.940 ms 124.054 ms
21 enss3336.t3.ans.net ( 127.490 ms 123.043 ms *
22 * * *
23 * * *

Has anyone here dealt with ACSI? They call themselves a "backbone"

We have had no end of trouble getting address space from them (They
refuse to give us a /24 (yes, a /24) without significant

When I asked about them delegating reverse DNS to us, they said "no".
They want to keep the delegation and do zone transfers from us.

Are these common policies with ACSI (or other backbone providers), or
are they just trying to be annoying? My only experience with these
things has been SprinkLink. They delegate reverse DNS to us, no
problem. We have never had problems getting address space from them
(granted we are not asking for /19's)

Also, does anyone have any experience with the performance of their
network? I was trying to test our connection to them and it was
horribly, horribly slow. Accessing www.yahoo.com, for example, took
nearly 5 mins for the page to load. Accessing the same page via our
SprintLink connection took all of 5 seconds. I suspect it was
something on our network, but I wanted to get the impressions of
other people regarding their performance.

Has anyone here dealt with ACSI? They call themselves a "backbone"

ACSI has a horrendous spam problem due to Dakotacom and a few other
leased line spam factories. Now that AGIS appears slowly to be
cleaning up their act, ACSI is poised to become the NSP that everyone
hates and filters out. I am trying to get in touch with people there
who can do something about it, and I have no reason yet to believe
that they're anything other than underinformed, but the spam problem
is very real and very well known. See my spam summary page
http://www.abuse.net/ACSI-report.html to see what they've sent lately
to addresses on my tiny home network.

Until they get that problem under control, I would be very cautious
about depending on them for connections to the rest of the net.

John Levine, postmaster@abuse.net, http://www.abuse.net, Trumansburg NY
abuse.net postmaster

I have one T1 through ACSI currently (two others through MCI and AT&T).
Our sales rep is really on the ball, but their engineering department
seems to be less than cooperative. I sent in our BGP requirements/request
to their NOC on Oct 15th (for the 2nd time) and I still haven't even
*heard* from them. My sales rep is trying to raise cain, but doesn't seem
to be working yet.
  As for IP requests: I don't even want to go there. You might have
better luck going directly to the InterNIC than through ACSI.
This CLEC is incredibly priced, but in the end you might just get what you
pay for.


Barry L James | Mikrotec Internet Services, Inc (AS3801)
Director R & D | 1001 Winchester Rd
bjames@mis.net | Lexington KY 40505
http://www.mis.net/ | 606/225.1488 800/875.5095

You can see uu.net, priori.net and acsi.net compared at
<http://noc.texoma.net/mrtg> if you believe the proof is in the pudding
`[8-)) tucows.texoma.net is still on uu.net IP space as of this time.

Of course, one of the reasons is that Mr. Madison hasn't responded to
requests for BGP announcement changes in the last two weeks and, indeed,
has been making no visible announcements since last week.

My recommendation - switch to priori.net, the folks I know and trust.

Anyone have a soft landing spot when we get kicked out of ACSI colo in Las