Hello, @Home?

Hi Adam,

     If you can forward a complete description of the problem
to "noc@home.net", the NOC will investigate as quickly as
possible. This approach will undoubtably provide better
service. I've alerted our NOC and they are taking a look
at the problem and are awaiting the particulars. I noticed
you didn't include a phone number in your .sig so if you
could include that too it would expedite things.

Thanks in advance,
Chris Dorsey
@Home Network
my phone=650-569-5341


Thanks for the response. I've been in touch with Jeff Burgen (who
responded almost immediately after receiving this), and am working with
him to determine what exactly was the problem. If you'd like to discuss
this further, feel free to contact me privately via e-mail.

Once again, NANOG has proven its usefulness! :slight_smile:



Let's move this discussion to private e-mail. I am sure the NANOG readers
could care less, as they have more important matters to deal with (such as
bar-hopping in NM :slight_smile:

Anyway, I noticed this problem at around 17:00 EST on Friday. It was
corrected within several hours.

What disturbs me was not the problem itself, but the lack of
information/support your standard support channels were able to provide me
with. I was basically told that you were aware of this, and that it was a
"Bell Atlantic problem," but no more (including specifics, status,
estimated time of repair, etc). This was after waiting on hold for ~ 30
minutes, listening to elevator music that makes John Tesh sound good. :frowning:

Once again, please direct future correspondences to me PRIVATELY.