Helix Solutions

Hi list,

I have a question for you.
Anyone knows or has had to deal with Helix Solutions?
They ask me IPv4 space but I have a feeling they want that space for spam

Any feedback on them would be welcome.




Stay away from them.
They contacted us as well and my impression was that they are up to no
good. They will burn your IPs in no time.
Email contact was rather anonymous. The person I dealt with refused to
phone or skype to discuss further. At that point I said goodbye.

No seems US company.

Sounds sketchy.

Helix Solutions is a specialized IP technology firm, offering the largest inventory of IPv4 address space. Our objective is to enable email marketers to overcome the acute IP shortage and communicate with their target audiences smoothly and effectively.

I've seen this sort of thing popping up before.

Don't quite understand how its going to work. Leasing I understand. So long
as you are willing to suffer the revocation of the IP space should the
company that was actually ISSUED the IP space looses it for whatever

"Buying" I really don't get. IP space that is issued by a registrar is not
owned. It is assigned. Sure, its yours until they want it back or you give
it back, but its not owned. So, for a person to sell space that was
allocated to them, just doesn't make sense.

The "provide via GRE or other tunnel" makes me think they're tunneling your
traffic to the actual assignee's environment, which would make sense, but
then that assignee has to deal with your bandwidth, don't they? Obviously,
if you take all of their space, you could physically move it, but if you're
only dealing with a portion, and ARIN has it assigned to AS xxx, then you
have to be running AS xxx...

Sketchy and messy and I don't see how its appropriate.


Classic snowshoe setup. A /24 full of randomized reverse dns records
emitting spam that's sent over gre tunnels from a single mothership. Either
that or 'seo' on much the same principle.

--srs (htc one x)

No seems US company.

They're registered at internet.bs with a private registration in

What more do you need, a big flashing skull and crossbones?

I wonder who that building on their website actually belongs to, or if
it even exists?
heh heh.