heads up on 80/8 [actually operational, so don't read this!!!]

Hello, long time no see -

RIPE is now allocating subnets of 80/8 to end users.

In order to avoid the ugliness of various people announcing 80/8
without guaranateeing transit to all the subnets, if you are filtering
subnets of this /8, please relax your filters to allow /20s and shorter,

On behalf of random Europeans,

  Sean. (yeah, ok, this is at least partially work-related-stuff...)

Several weeks old info. I am suprised that ICANN and or RIPE haven't made
the operational announcement to the NANOG or other lists.

Thanks for posting it to NANOG

ICANN. Operational Announcement. Same Sentence. An interesting concept, but

- Daniel Golding

Maybe I should s/ICANN/IANA