heads up: internic changes

Just FYI, if your company relies on any service that the internic provides
WRT domain registrations to help your own customers in registering domain
names, you should check to make sure everything still works. You also
probably want to be sure you don't let your customers anywhere near the
InterNIC's web site, since they have gone even further in their attempts
to confuse and trick people into paying for extra NSI services.

http://www.internic.net/ now redirects you to
http://www.networksolutions.com/ with many or most of the old URLs
invalid. Things like web based whois, access to forms, etc. are now
entirely different and it doesn't appear any attempt has been made at not
breaking sites that link to them. In fact, the opposite seems true.

Also, their finger-based frontend to their tracking system is
coincidentally broken.

Also, they conveniently don't have a ftp server accessible at
ftp://ftp.internic.net/ but only on rs.internic.net. In addition, the
templates that used to be easily accessible from their website aren't any
more, and you are now almost forced to go through their web based
registration system which tries to lead you astray to their extra "value
added services" at every step, unless you know you can get the templates
via ftp at rs.internic.net.

Also, they have deliberately obscured the line between their extra
money-grubbing services and a basic domain registration even more.

Also, their telnet based whois is no longer available, and with it goes
the last hope for getting info of if a domain is on hold or not or
of accessing whois during their frequent outages.

Unfortunately, none of this has helped their online payment system which
is still horribly slow or down most of the time.

It is quite obvious they are running scared for their future.
Unfortunately, they still don't realize that providing good customer
service is their best way to ensure a future.

Well, when people flee in droves, Chuck can go back to selling
cars/encyclopoedias, whatever.

For every high level admin they piss off, they must realize they're losing
all of the business those folks indirectly control. In light of their
virtual monopoly, you'd think the gummint would be a bit more interested in
their shoddy service.


I doubt it.

Does anyone remember the days when (1994 or so) you tried to register more
than one domain for your company/corporation was met with a reply stating
that this wasn't really allowed?

Now, on http://www.networksolutions.com homepage:

"Protect your Internet Brand", Consider securing your dot net and dot org
Web addresses as well.

This is blasphemy. It appears the real reason they didn't want you
registering them in the past is that you didn't pay for them; I guess now
that you pay for them, they can recommend that you register as many as
possible, since it is direct revenues.

It's sickening.

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