Hauling gear around a NANOG meeting

Seriously, Dave was taken out of context by the usual suspects. Brooklyn / NYC is pretty OK.

Oh, ObOp! Thanks a ton, Telx!

Once you all get there, you will realize how awesome this place is.
There is nothing to be afraid. Just remember, carry around an unlimited
metrocard and a subway map. Taking cabs everything can get expensive.

for those that are planning to spend the weekend in NYC, be sure to
check out http://www.bigapplebbq.org/ its huge every year.

One more thing...
Rent-car may be not a good idea.
Sometimes it's hard to find the parking spot. ^.^
As Andrew said, it will be better to use public transportations such as
cab, bus, and sub-way.
It may take more time, but sometimes the driving style of New Yorker may
be a little bit offensive, and finding parking lot may be a challenge. :slight_smile:
If you are one of owls, there are plenty of places you can visit in
night/early morning when you are not in the mood for sleeping ^>^


andrew young wrote:

some useful links for getting around NYC using public transportation: