Has spam factory dakotacom.net moved from ACSI to Alternet ?

Dakota says they have a "super fast DS3 backbone" and on the
  phone their sales people have said they "are the backbone."

  Reality includes a T-1 to Alternet, and an Ethernet drop from
   ACSI. GTWINC uses Dakotacom to spam the net, and I've heard
  that there are others (access) who are now joining their group.

  Dakota does not use or understand BGP, are shunned by local
  providers and interconnects, and uses two non-redundant net
  blocks -- one from Alter over that link, and one from ACSI
  over that link.

  You'll note they switched their dns to use the Alter net
  blocks. A quick traceroute to gtwinc shows they're still
  there too:
11 tucson-az-1-a12-0.acsi.net ( [AS 6467] 112 msec 116 msec 128 ms
12 dakotacom.net.tucson-az-1.acsi.net ( [AS 6467] 116 msec 116
msec 156 msec
  They do not respond to email, do not read this list, do not
  peer with anyone, and provide service to spammers.

  All information correct to the best of my knowledge, ads in the
  yellow pages, stuff said on the phone, and public information.