Has someone in Asia exploited Cisco

Offhand, I would be tempted to say it is the activity of a not
exceedingly competent attacker trying to exploit a very old bug. The
sender is probing for the HTTP Authentication Bypass Issue from June 27

Original Advisory

Malicious request: http://<device_addres>/level/16/exec/

Analyze the timing and source of log events to determine if it is an
automated issue.

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Tidewater Community College
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"J. Oquendo" <sil@politrix.org> 09/01/05 9:07 AM >>>

After doing some logfile analysis briefly yesterday, I noticed what
to be some form of bot, worm, something, searching for what could seems
point to a Cisco exploitation of sorts. (http://tinyurl.com/df9d8)

All the hosts who've tried searching for the string are coming from
So I'm wondering... Has someone taken Michael Lynn's paper "Holy
and produced a "DaVinci Code" to exploit the flaws Lynn spoke of...

Code snippet below is of "cisco_scanner.c" which searches for the same
particular /level/16/exec/-///pwd string however the code can be
(obviously) and a search turns up less than one page of results on
Author's page seems to be gone like the wind... Anyhow.

# grep "/level/16/exec/-///" access_log |awk '{print $1,"\t\t"$7}' /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd /level/16/exec/-///pwd

whois.apnic.net $ABOVE_HOSTS

Code snippet...

        Multi-thread Cisco HTTP vulnerable scanner v0.2
    by Inode

#define HTTP_REQUEST "GET /level/16/exec/-///pwd HTTP/1.0\n\n"

So now I have yet another mod_security rule added :wink:

SecFilterSelective THE_REQUEST "/level/16"