Has PSI been assigned network 1?

  Your posting reminds me of several things:
<> The Internet is a fundamentally cooperative enterprise. While we all
   look forward to the increasing advantages of it *also* being a highly
   competitive enterprise, we have to remind ourselves that it remains
   fundamentally cooperative.
<> We in the states have benefited from the Merit PRDB effort during the
   last (almost) seven years. Although the PRDB has become obsolete with
   the rise of the current multi-backbone/exchange-point architecture,
   we should understand the historic contribution of the Merit PRDB effort.
<> During those seven years, the RIPE community understood that, even
   lacking a central backbone architecture, a routing database was valuable
   as a means of allowing independent competitive Internet efforts in
   Europe to cooperate technically in a way that promoted the growth and
   quality of the Internet in Europe.
<> We in the States often overlook the fact that the RIPE routing database
   effort has succeeded in a European climate that was and is highly
   competitive and often contentious. We in the States need to (continue to)
   learn that technical cooperation is essential *especially* when business
   competition is present.
<> Every effort should be made by providers and users to help the (national
   and international) Routing Registry to succeed.
<> While I wouldn't term the RS as an 'enforcer', I would assert that the
   quality of the RS will promote the acceptance and usefulness of the RR
   effort generally.

  -- Guy