Has PSI been assigned network 1?


On your comment:

NACRs were so big headache that our implementation people dance
around when they hear that there won't be any NACRs.

Beyond the technical issues which Steve Richardson mentioned where
your dependency on the NACRs could have been avoided -
we've had several issues regarding the knowledge base of
those submitting NACRs.

We've provided several phone tutorials to those people submitting
NACRs on CIDR and aggregation. Over the phone tutorials
of this material are a little difficult at best. I even offered to
discuss this in a meeting here in Ann Arbor, but that offer
was not accepted.

Your people seem to rotate through the NACR submission process
without the benefit of training in CIDR. I suspect their frustration
with NACRs has come in part from their lack of understanding.

In the past 5 months there have been massive changes to the NSFNET/ANSnet
and to the Internet. These changes cause stress for us all -
but lack of training aids unnecessary burdens to us all.

Perhaps your management will help us all by giving you some
additional time to train your implementation people. I suspect
the lack of knowledge will hurt in the RADB based world as well.

Sue Hares

Are you aware of the ACM article by Harald Eidnes available in Postscript
form at ftp://ftp.uninett.no/pub/misc/eidnes-cidr.ps.Z ?

Does anyone know if there is a WWW site or gopher that has a collection
of tutorial level documents. For many neophytes RFC's and stuff like the
PRIDE documents can be somewhat intimidating to dig into.

BTW, I changed prs@isi.edu up there to rps@isi.edu ;-))

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