Has PSI been assigned network 1?

(And it is slow. I would like to be able to establish a connection
and do a thousand of queries. Some my nasty scripts call whois
several thousand times.)

It also lacks query functions (what are all networks i'm supposed
to hear from peer X?, which networks Lollypop Inc. owns?)

For example, one menu of Sprint's internal database:

  Please enter customer ID [type Return if not known]:

  You may try to find the customer by:

  1) Organization name
  2) City name
  3) Name of a person
  4) Telephone/fax number
  5) E-mail address
  6) IP network address
  7) Dial-in phone number

  Your choice?

The RPS folks are chartered to work on these types of tools as well
as some "what-if" extentions, so that you can check what will happen
if you change your policy, before committing the update.

PGP is fine; what about security for on-line interfaces; and who
guarantees security of RS machines?

The RS security is, by nessesity, host based. There are filtering
MAC bridges in place, single use passwords, and we are working on
end2end encryption. I expect that the encryption will be inplace
within the quarter.

A multimillion corporation cannot put its business at risk of
being dependent on a machine controlled by somebody else, w/o
contractual obligations on adequate security.

[I understand that i want too much, but then...]

Not any more than other multimillion dollar entities... :slight_smile: