Has PSI been assigned network 1?

There is a lot more on this thread so I appologise if this has already
been addressed...

RIPE database does not control the actual routing.

Nor does any other registry today.

I'm not sure the current RADB project has any mention
of real-time updates of gated from the database.
With dozens of updates we do every day it nearly as good
as useless.

The last customer request was for 5 minute intervals, which
is well within the existing bounds for BGP convergance time,
at least as reported by you for at least one Sprint box.

Would you really want 20 peers "flapping" routes at you much faster
than this? Would you like to do this to your peers?

Following Dales comment, each provider may set its own parameters
on generation of configurations, regardless of where it gets
its data from. For those sites that choose to use the registry
for generation of configurations, they have the ability to
generate them in "real-time". This does not force other peers
to accept these updates in "real-time", but does provide a
consistent place for them to get the data when they do their
own configuration runs.

If i can't implement my existing policy, i cannot use RADB, ok?

The RADB is an RPS database.

The IRR is several RIPE-181 and RPS databases that are syncronized.
The RPS database is a superset of RIPE-181.
RIPE-181 is a superset of RIPE-81.

(Well, we _will_ use it -- to talk to people whose announcements
are loaded with garbadge). We simply cannot use it to talk
to major service providers because policies in place cannot
be represented in RIPE-81.


So, why not convince yourself to run an RPS database, participate in
the RPS discussions, generate your own configs from your database in
the timeframes you need, and make your database available to the
IRR so the others have a consistent view of sprint policy?