Has PSI been assigned network 1?

> If pizzahut wants to reach a wider community, they can ask their
> provider to register their route in the RADB. From a routing
> standpoint all it needs is the prefix, prefix length, and the home-AS.
Right! Case in point that there is some benefit you may get from
registereing in the routing registry. Another benefit would be more
meaningful output from tools like prtraceroute:

Of course I notice the lack of PRDB/RADB/IRR registration didn't effect
your reaching the network. It seems to be a very reachable site regardless
of one or two network provider's policies.

Yes, network providers can stamp their feet and say they won't accept
a network announcement unless it is in the IRR, or is not properly
CIDRized, or is not an even number. But there will be other network
providers who will get your traffic there anyway. So you have a choice,
use one network provider who only routes "registered" networks and not
reach certain sites. Or choose a different network provider who isn't
as dogmatic and reach more networks.

I use www.pizzahut.com as an example because it is memorable. You
may not be able to justify it as R&E. But it makes for an easy to
demostrate, concrete example of the effects of policy on Internet
routing for the layperson. There are several hundred similar networks
in the "Greater Internet." Somehow life goes on even though one or
two network providers deny their customers access to these networks.

Maybe we should change the slogan to "The Internet treats dogmatic policy
as damage and bypasses it." Welcome to the competive market.