Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Vadim Antonov <avg@sprint.net> writes:

  > I agree with the idea of Routing Registry (although i'm more than sceptical
  > about RADB in its present form, replacing distributed computation with
  > a cental box not controlled by the service providers).

A (set of) central box(es) is the best we can get deployed quickly.
As a matter of fact it is deployed already in Europe.
Once can always improve that but it boils down to solving
highly distributed database problems.

There is no intention of "replacing distributed computation"
with this. Do not confuse the Routing Registry with Route Servers.

Although the registry "box is not controlled by the service providers",
the content is! So the only thing you need is a dependable and neutral
entity to run the registry.

  > However, my point is that it should be easy to use and should be on-line;

Of course!