Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Is PGP secure enough for you?

Secure _telnet_.

RIPE-181; it's different.

Not that much. I used RIPE-81 as a generic name. In general case
routing policies which can be implemented by border routers _cannot_ be
implemented in a central box interfacing those border boxes -- simply
because those boxes may have (and do have) exterior peering sessions on
other links/LANs. A large part of routing policies (particularly between
US and Europe) is implemented as intricate interior weighting systems
between announcements from different sides.

Whoever wants to play with it can have our ICM-DC-1 configuration,
just to try to represent what it does in RIPE-181 format.

Without that i do not see RADB being successful or useful beyond the
point of filtering updates from particularly obnoxious peers.

Which is already a big win, seeing as how there are a good number of
particularly obnoxious peers out there, some of them quite large.

I have to ask if you have actually looked at the RADB and surrounding
pieces at all.

I've read papers abour RADB. They're not very clear on many issues.

In any case, my point is that RADB has to be provider-friendly to
be successful.