Has PSI been assigned network 1?

jgs@aads.net (John G. Scudder) wrote:

What AS690 does is not just bureaucratic silliness. It's also enlightened
self-interest (as Curtis keeps saying). If enough people have the sense to
want to protect themselves, the Routing Registry will fly.

I agree with the idea of Routing Registry (although i'm more than sceptical
about RADB in its present form, replacing distributed computation with
a cental box not controlled by the service providers).

However, my point is that it should be easy to use and should be on-line;
the NACR-style configuration nightmare is not going to fly.


my opinion: the nacr style is good, because it requires really getting
the thing right and thought out.

Anyways, such a db should be used infrequently. aggregation should make
frequent entries unnecessary. (...)

ripe's telnet is good too, but a real telnet online type access would
invite sloppyness, and/or repalce route flap by nultiple daily policy